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Driving the Bugatti Veyron home

Like me on Facebook - Checkout this website for more info on this car along with pictures of the car being painted matte white! After picking up my friends new Bugatti at nearly midnight on a Friday night we got right back on the road to drive back to LA. The highways were nearly empty which was so tempting for us! After 10 minutes of highway driving we were pulled over by an orange county sheriff. No tickets were issued thankfully, he just wanted to checkout the car since he has never seen one before and didn't know what it was. I was amazed hearing the Veyron on the highway from outside the car. The car had a fierce roar under hard acceleration! For having a stock exhaust it sounded incredible. At one point of our drive we ran into the highway being shut down because of a bad accident so we pulled off until traffic started moving again. It was quite the night with the entire trip down, picking up the car, and an exciting drive back! It was at least a 6 hour journey round trip but coming back into Hollywood around 2am it was a really nice feeling being back with the car. I really enjoyed the entire experience! Hopefully all of you enjoy the video as well.

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